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Tristan Anderman Pro Deck

Tristan Anderman pushes the boundaries of park scootering. His speed, flow, insane trick selection make for a deadly combination. The Tristan Anderman signature deck is based on the indestructible Q3 ...

Quadrum 3 Deck

AO’s long awaited successor of our popular Quadrum deck is in. The Q3 is 5.2” wide and comes with a redesigned neck/headtube for increased strength and durability, aluminum rear plugs and ...

Quadrum 2 Complete

At 7.4 lbs the Quadrum 2 complete is one of the lightest scooters and features some of the finest components in the industry: It comes with AO’s stylish and light weight Diamond fork, Raptor&rsq ...


Tristan Anderman Pro Deck

Tristan Anderman pushes the boundaries of park scootering. His speed, flow, insane trick selection make for a deadly combination. The Tristan Anderman signature deck is based on the indestructible Q3 headtube and will take the abuse of going big and looking good while doing it. Reinforced neck & deck plate for ultimate durability.

Quadrum 3 Deck

Sachem 1.1 complete

DM at Premises

Quadrum 2 Completes

Q3 ETA: Dec 1,2017

Quadrum 2 Completes

Welcome to AO: Dylan Morrison

Quadrum 2

Maven: In stores now and going fast

Alex Blome

Nuremberg Street Jam

AO Liverpool Street Jam Sep 2, 2017

France Tour Vol2 May 19-28

AO France Tour April 3-7

Spain Tour March 20-23

Jacob Pearcey | AO Canada

Quadrum Test in Paris

Simon Bertin, Max Snjiders, Garvey Tagheu and Lambert Judith are putting the AO Quadrum to the test in Paris, France. Filmed and edited by Steven Gibson.

James Graham

James Graham is putting the new Stealth 4 to the test: 5” wide, 83 degree headtube angle, 125 mm wheels, forged aluminum fork, SCS clamp.
Edit by Bryan Hillman

@J_Graham97 @_bryanhillman

Tristan Anderman putting the Delta 4 to the test

Richie Cook -- AO Squad

Young killer Richie Cook is the latest addition to the AO Squad team. This edit put him on the map:

Joncolin Senka

Joncolin Senka is the sensation of the year. Growing up with BMX riders in scooter nowhere land he had nobody to look up to and had to reinvent each trick by himself. This explains why he has such a huge variety of unique and first-try tricks which provided a fresh look at many contests in 2016. Not surprisingly judges respected his approach and he ended up with an impressing list of victories and top 10 placements:
Dallas, TX: ISA 9th
Chino, CA: US Finals, 2nd
Austin, TX: Street Jam, 1st
Chicago, IL, Asylum contest: 1st
Chicago Street Jam, winner of 1 spot

Hunter Bechtle -- AO Pro

Hunters Masterpiece. This is hands down one of the best sections of the year.

Tristan Anderman

Tristan Anderman is the new favorite rider of many. His signature no-handers and  unique style got him a 5th place in the US Finals in Chino, CA and 25th in the World Finals in Barcelona, Spain.

Stealth 3 Complete

Midwest Tour: July 15 - 22


Simon Bertin is holding it down for AO in France.
Filmed by Félix Roussel and Mathieu Florent.

Elliott Arnold GNARNAGE!



We`d like to announce our newest pro rider, Justin Phillps! Hes a technical god and he is sure to make your jaw drop every other trick. Check him out in his Welcome To Pro video!


Our usa team Elliott Arnold, Tanner Wilson, and Cory Vanlew will be at the chitown jam holdin it down for the squad! Be there to meet the team if youre in the area!

Nürnberg Street Jam!

Sep 19, 15: AO Nuremberg Street Jam


Part of the AO squad will be out on the east coast hitting up your local shops!
Swing by one of thier 9 shop stops and have a chance to win some goodies at the giveaways!
Featuring Elliott Arnold, Zig Short, Draven Woolley, and Roy Saladin..! So come out
and shred the gnar with the AO SQUAD.!

7/22: 1-2pm  Central Jersey Skate Shop
          3-4pm  Extremez Bike Shop
          5-6pm  The Bridge Skatepark

7/23:  3-5pm  5050 Skatepark
           6-9pm  Spokesman Cycles

7/24:  5-7pm  Plains Bike Shop

7/26:  2-3pm Penn Skate
           5-7pm Barking Spyder

7/27:  5-7pm The Inline Club

Enzo Commulux Deck Out Now

Signature Grip Tapes

AO is proud to release high quality grip tapes of some of our most deserving riders:Ruben Rodriguez, Brad Ackermann and Enzo Commeau.

4 new designs including 3 pro signature grip tapes
Pre-cut lines on back for easy installation.
Size 21” x 5” (533 x 127 mm)

Model A Fork

AO’s Model A ford is forged out of one solid block of aluminum for perfect weight/strength ratio. It’s designed for oversized bars and works perfectly with SCS systems. The stem length is 6 ¼” (160 mm), it weighs only 11.6 oz. (330 g) and fits wheels up to 125 mm. It comes with an indestructible 8 mm axle bolt made of 12.9 grade high tensile Chromoly steel.
-          Forged fork
-          Stem length: 160 mm
-          Stem diameter: 28.6 mm
-          Max wheel size: 125 mm
-          Weight: 330 g/11.6 oz.
-          M8 High tensile Chromoly steel axle bolt (12.9 grade)
Colors: black, red, blue, copper, silver, purple, green

Tanner Wilson Model A Fork Review

AO presents our newest "A Fork". A 125mm wheel ready fork, made for high durability and light weight..
Twilly is here to share some specs and commentary as well as some bangers near the end! Check it out

AO in Barcelona - Spring 2015 Edit

The AO squad stayed a bit longer after the Barcelona Extreme contest and put the new Stealth 2 deck to the test. With Elliott Arnold, Lambert Judith, Cory Vanlew, Enzo Commeau, Johan Walzel, Brad Ackermann, Ruben Rodriguez, Justin Diaz and Nils Frydendal.
Filmed by Salim Sikha
Edit by Rootsboy

Brad Ackermann, Ruben Rodriguez and Pol Roman in Barcelona


In stores soon: Elliott Pro Deck

Thats right kids! The Helliott Gnarnold Signature Pro Deck is available soon. Featuring some awesome new specs as well as one HELL of a graphic. Go grab yourself one and get wicked like the gnarnold!

AO: Lambert "Lard" Judith

Our boy Lambert from France has been killing the streets of paris. check his new edit made by FCV productions

AO SL (super light) Fork

AO developed a new fork with one goal in mind: Super light and super strong. We accomplished this goal by forging it from one block of aluminum and incorporating an L-shaped leg design for extra strength and stiffness. With a weight of only 11.1 ounces (315 g) the SL is our lightest fork yet. We also an increased the leg room and the SL fork now fits wheels up to 125 mm.

Draven Woolley's Cuff Crew 2014 Section

This is Draven's part from his crew's full length "Cuff Crew 2014", with some footage thrown in of AO's famous Chicago Trip. If you didn't believe they slept in the park, now you have video proof. Enjoy!
Full video available on the Cuff Crew YouTube Channel.

AO in Las Vegas

Elliott Arnold and Tanner Wilson went down to Las Vegas Nevada and filmed this 3 day video with @rudygarciaphotography

Cruising Barcelona with Ruben Rodriguez

AYYYO | Ruben Rodriguez

In late 2013, AO Scooters released it's first full length video, AYYYO. Fully loaded with incredible content from the Alpha Omega squad, worldwide, it features sections from several riders including Remi Bouchard, Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold and many more.

We present you with the Ruben Rodriguez section from the DVD. More sections will be released in the coming weeks. So keep a close eye and enjoy!

Filmed and Edited by Phillip Long

Look us up on Facebook, Instagram, and check www.aoscooters.com for updates on all of our new products and media content.


In late 2013, AO Scooters released it's first full length video, AYYYO. Fully loaded with incredible content from the Alpha Omega squad, worldwide, it features sections from several riders including Remi Bouchard, Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold and many more.

We present you with the Intro section from the DVD. More sections will be released in the coming weeks. So keep a close eye and enjoy!

Filmed and Edited by Phillip Long

AO in New York

NYAO squad Draven Woolley, Jesse Walsh, Lewis Hobbs, Sean Sandy, Khaik davis, and special guess Anacuda rider Kyle Tolentino killing it out in the streets of New York City.


Watch AO riders Brad Ackermann, Remi Bouchard, Ruben Rodriguez, Lorenzo Sanchez, Ben Klein and Nils Frydendal touring through Germany and Czech Republic .
Song : A$AP ROCKY - pretty flacko
A Rootsboy Production

AO Scooter Lock

 AO’s new lock is the perfect solution to prevent scooter theft. The aluminum carabiner comes with a 4-digit combination lock and 6’ plastic coated steel cable. It’s light weight, fits in your pocket and should be a must for anybody riding his or her scooter to school.
Weight: 3.6 oz. (102 g)
Color: black

AO Stealth with Brad Anthony and Enzo Commeau

Brad Anthony and Enzo Commeau are putting the new AO Stealth deck to the test in LA, California.

Share or repost this video and hash tag #Stealtdeckgiveaway for a chance to win 1 out of 5 Stealth decks.

Garvey Tagheu - 2014

Elliott Arnold testing "The Stealth"

Elliott Arnold putting AO's new flagship deck to the test

NEW: AO Lambda 3.1 Complete

AO is offering the L3.1 deck, that won every major street jam in 2014, also as complete scooter:
L3.1 Complete Features:
-          Forged aluminum fork (6061 T6)
-          Fully integrated (HIC)
-          Forged 841 Skully wheels
-          ABEC 9 Titen bearings
-          Raptor tripple clamp
-          Titen headset
-          Raptor Scale grips
-          AO Lips grip tape
-          AO moto-X steel bar

MAP: 299.96

Available through your local dealer.

San Diego Local: Tanner Wilson

Tanner Wilson is our newest local in San Diego and he shreds! This edit t is just from a few weeks of riding and we are excited to see where Tanner takes his riding.
Filmed & Editing : Max Manning
Additional Filming : Manny Vargas

Cory Wins London

Congratulations to Cory Vanlew for winning the Street Jam in London!
The AO team is on fire:  After Barcelona (Elliott), Paris (Enzo), Liverpool (Enzo) and now London, the  AO team won every major street contest of the year -- all on the new L3.1 deck.

Enzo Takes Liverpool

Congratulations to Enzo Commeau for his 1st place at the Dialed scooter contest at world renowned skate park Rampwork, Liverpool!

Enzo Commeau Wins Paris

Enzo Commeau took first place with 2 amazing tricks at the Dissidence Street Jam in Paris, the world’s most famous street contest.
This marks the second victory in a row for the Lambda 3.1 after Elliott's 1st place in Barcelona a few weeks earlier -- making it the most successful street deck of the year.

Elliott Arnold Barcelona Street Jam 2014: Veni, Vidi, Vici

Here is a little taste of what went down at the HASKE Barcelona Street Jam. Congratulations to Elliott Arnold for his win. Filmed and edited by @rudygarciaphotography

AO Tour France

Meet Cory Vanlew, Enzo Commeau, Garvet Tagheu and the winner of the Barcelona Street Jam Elliott Arnold on tour in France:

Date City Place/Shop Time
05.04.2014 Montpellier Moana 16:00:00
06.04.2014 Nimes Bowl session 16:00:00
07.04.2014 Marseille Skate Park Palais Omnisport  16:00:00
08.04.2014 Nice Fun N Roll 16:00:00
09.04.2014 Frejus Freeride Attitude 16:00:00
10.04.2014 Gignac Pro Rider 34 16:00:00
11.04.2014 Toulouse Pierre qui Roule 16:00:00
12.04.2014 Gagnac Contest a Gagnac  
13.04.2014 Bordeaux Skate Park 16:00:00
14.04.2014 Lyon CDK 16:00:00

AO Delta complete now available in blue

AO's bestselling complete scooter is now available in blue.

Enzo Commeau and Lilian Guidez on the new AO Lambda 3.1

Enzo Commeau and Lilian Guidez putting the new AO Lambda 3.1 to the test

Featured Rider: Lambert Judith

Edit from Lard’s recent trip to Los Angeles.

Filmed and edited by Rudy Garcia

AO in El Paso

The AO team went on road trip to El Paso, Texas a few weeks ago. El Paso is a hidden gem when it comes to skate spots and some even compare it to Barcelona, Spain. Cory, Zig and Elliott  had a blast.

Filmed and edited by Rudy Garcia, additional filming and editing by Martin Renteria.

follow the team on instagram:

AO Wins 5 SCooter Awards in 2013

Voted by Readers of Clamp Freestyle Scooter Magazine:
Best Brand 2013: AO Scooters
Best Team 2013: AO Scooters
Best Street Edit 2013: Rubén Rodríguez "Welcome to AO"
Best Park Edit 2013: Rubén Rodríguez "Sunshine, Lollypops and Rainbows"
Best Street Rider 2013: Pol Roman (AO)

Elliott Arnold 2013 Edit

Elliott is starting the new year with a bang!

Filmed and edited by Max Manning

Justin Diaz | AO Scooters

AO is prooud to introduce the latest addition to our Spanish Team: Justin Diaz

Filmed and edited by Iñaki Gil.

In stores Dec 2: AO Team DVD "AYYYO"

After over 1 year in the making the first AO team DVD is finally ready. It showcases over one hour of amazing street skating with sections of riders from all over the world.
Featuring Elliott Arnold, Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Biagio DeVivo, Ricky Cox (US), Remi Bouchard , Enzo Commeau, Garvey Tagheu, Lambert Judith (France), Georg Gartlehner, Florian Toegel (Austria), Dom Olorenshaw, Ryan Scott (UK), Ruben Rodriguez (Spain), Jonas Kjaer (Denmark), Mitch Baldry (Australia) and Johan Walzel (Czech Republic).

Oct 25th: AO Video Premiere

AO proudly presents our first team video AYYYO:
Friday, Oct 25th, 2013 at 7:30 pm.
303 Main Street
Vista, CA 92084
Elliott Arnold, Mitch Baldry, Remi Bouchard, Enzo Commeau, Biaggio DeVivo, Georg Gartlehner, Jonas Kjaer, Zack Martin, Dom Olorenshaw, Ruben Rodriguez, Ryan Scott, Zig Short, Garvey Tagheu, Florian Toegel, Cory Vanlew, Johan Walzel



Zig Short, Cory Vanlew and Elliott Arnold went on a road trip to El Paso, Texas.

Filmed and edited by Rudy Garcia

Zack Martin | Trend

Zack coming thru with a solid edit.  Too many ill tricks to name.  Enjoy.


Elliott Arnold Summer Edit

With the AO Dvd coming soon Phil Long was able to use the throwaways from his section to make a different approach to Elliott's riding with some Hip Hop swag. Hope you enjoy the video - Phillip Long.

Filmed: Max Manning, Phillip Long, & Andy Rea
Edited: Phillip Long

Production Credits: Media Revere & Motion Art Productions

Hugo Svare

Coming straight from the Hootigh Crew, Hugo is a very impressive rider. So much style and swag in his tricks no one can copy him. I had some of the greatest times filming with Hugo and i hope there are more to come! Footage from trips California, Barcelona and Paris.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning
Edited: Phillip Long

AO Montage Closer

The AO DVD is getting closer and our riders are making the final selection of what clips will go in the video. We came up with this montage of leftover clips into the process.
Starring Dom Olorenshaw, Addison McNaughton, Georg Gartlehner, Moey Ahmad, Mitch Baldry, Ruben Rodriguez, Ryan Scott, Jake Hershey, Zig Short, Zack Martin, Dom Marconi, Hugo Svare, Cory Vanlew and Remi Bouchard.
Sit back enjoy the show.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning
Edited: Phillip Long

AO Cali Independence Tour | July 2013

A peek into our most recent tour through California to visit a few of our supporting shops, hang with some locals, and ride some spots. Hope you enjoy!

Cory Vanlew, Zig Short, Jonas Kjaer, Josh Moore, Drivin Car Man-Man, Ricky Cox, Edgar Gulbolgo, Dalton Stone, Zach Martin, Spicy McHaggis, Josh Toy, Bananaman + many others

Thank to all of the hosting shops, Hella Grip and to all the supporters who came out to chill and ride with us.

AO France Shred Strasbourg

Our French team recently visited a contest near Strasbourg and used the opportunity to shred up the city and skate parks. Starring Lambert Judith, Garvey Tagheu, Nicolas Kittirath and Remi Bouchard. Remi filmed the action:

Filmed and edited by Remi Bouchard

AO on Tour in California

Meet Cory Vanlew, Zig Short and Jona Kjaer on tour in North and South California

Elliott Arnold & Johan Walzel | Shred Europe Tour

Elliott and Johan went on tour to several contests in Denmark, Switzerland and the Czech Republic and visited skateparks in Belgium and Germany in between.

Featured Rider: Johan Walzel

Johan Walzel aka The Street Master is holding it down for AO in the Czech Republic. .

Teams: Gizmania, Kubars, AO, Elyts, Metal Core

Filmed and Edited by : Honza Kolar

Elliott Arnold and Johan Walzel on Tour in Europe

Meet Elliott and Johan at 15:00 at these skate parks. Let's warm up at the park and go street skating after.

May 18/19: SSC, Roskilde, Denmark

May 20/21: Hamburg, Germany: i-Punkt

May 22/23: Roeselare, Belgium: Truespin

May 24/25: Winterthur, Switzerland, Shred the Block Contest

May 26/27: Karlsruhe, Germany: Backyard Skatepark

May 29: Nuremberg, Germany, Skatepark

May 30: Leipzig, Germany, Heizhaus

May 31: Prague, Czech Rep., Gizmania

Jun 1/2: Pardubice, Czech Rep, Skate Contest

Meet Cory and Zig on Tour on the East Coast May 11 - 19

AO Beta Scooter now available in green and red


Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, Max Manning, & Inaki Gil
Edited: Phillip Long

As seen on 841-wheels.com

Great 841 edit with AO riders Johan Walzel and Rubén Rodríguez

Montreux Scooter Contest

Congratulations to Remi Bouchard (1st place bunny-up contest) and Enzo Commeau (3rd place Pro) at the Montreux scooter contest

AO in Arizona

A few months ago some of the AO dudes and I went out to AZ and smashed out some serious riding. These are the freebies that we decided would give off the vibe of the tour. Be on the look out for some more bad ass AZ footage in the AO DVD! - Max Manning

AO Beta Scooter

Although designed and priced for intermediate and advanced riders AO’s Beta scooter is equipped with some of finest and strongest components available. The deck is fully integrated and comes with a threadless fork, sealed headset bearings and hidden internal compression system (HIC) which is the gold standard for bikes and scooters. The oversized Y-shaped handle bar is made of super strong 4130 Chromoly steel and secured with a triple clamp in 6061 T6 aluminum. Flangeless Raptor Scale grips are designed for easy bar spins and the extra thick material increases the life time and provides shock absorption and comfort.
The Beta scooter is equipped with 100 mm/88A aluminum wheels by 841 which are world renowned for their for superfast speeds, strong grip and durability. The rounded stainless steel flex brake is super sturdy and prevents flat spots on your wheel.

The deck features a completely flat bottom for maximum control in grinds and a replaceable, super tough grind plate which protects your deck. It also enables you to effortlessly grind anything from unwaxed curbs to concrete and gives you more control on metal rails. It can easily be replaced when worn. As an added bonus the Beta scooter comes with a second color grip tape with AO allover print.

Georg Gartlehner & Tobias Mayer: Rumble in da Jungle 3

George Gartlehner and Tobias Mayer are holding it down in Linz, Austria.

Customize your scooter like never before

Epsilon Grind Plate
The grind plate or soul frame is the key to a much longer lifetime of your deck. If a rider is into grinding a normal deck might only last for about 1 month. The inexpensive, replaceable soul frame extends the life span of a deck for many months and can be easily replaced when worn. It’s also available in several colors to give your scooter a whole new look.
The best part of the soul frame, however, is its grinding ability: It’s made of a fiberglass reinforced plastic material which effortlessly grinds on literally anything from concrete to stone and even gives you more control on metal rails. The groove in the center of the Epsilon grind plate helps in Fastslides and Feebles. Instead of using the side of the wheels to lock in grinds you can now sit and balance on the groove.
Epsilon Front and Rear Plugs:
AO front and rear plugs protect the edges of the deck from bending and the front plate doubles as grind plate for nose blunts. Together with the grind plate they provide all around protection to the deck and can be easily replaced when worn and make your scooter last several times longer than traditional decks.

Cory Vanlew's Rasta deck

Once your soul frame and plugs are worn down take get creative and replace them with some colorful parts.

"Butter" Feat. Cory Vanlew

AO riders had fun customizing their scooters with new soul frame colors and took them for a spin. Plus some clips from a recent trip to Las Vegas.
Riders: Elliot Arnold, Cory Vanlew, Zig Short, & Zack Martin Shred.

Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Welcome To AO: Elliott Arnold

Elliott Arnold is the man! He rides fast and hucks shit! He is unpredictable but always reliable! Hes a perfect example of how a rider should conduct themselves. Always having fun and always tearing it up in the streets. This guy is the perfect addition to the California based AO team and we look forward to having him around for quite some time!
For this edit I wanted to keep it a bit raw so I let loose on the color grading and gave it some real grit feel with the oversaturated blacks and tones. Elliott is by far one of the funnest dudes to film with so I wanted to show that in this edit! Hope you lot can enjoy!

- Max Manning

Filmed & Edited By: Max Manning

AO Scooter Combination Lock

AO’s scooter lock is the perfect solution to prevent your scooter from getting stolen. The hardened U-shaped shackle fits around the deck, downtube or bar. A 5-digit combination lock has over 100.000 combinations and will keep potential thieves busy trying.
-          Hardened shackle, 7 mm steel with PVC cover
-          5 digit resettable lock (over 100.000 combinations)
-          4 mm steel cable, length: 2 m
-          Weight: 380 g (12.5 oz.)

AO on Tour in Michigan

Ruben Rodriguez | Welcome to AO

AO is proud to announce the latest addition to our team: Ruben Rodriguez from Barcelona, Spain.

Filmed by: Iñaki Gil and Javi Trepat
Edited by: Ruben Rodriguez
Song: Pictures of Matchstick Men - Status Quo


Cory Vanlew

Cory has been busy and traveling all over the world to film for the upcoming AO Team DVD. Here are some leftover Skid-Marks from his DVD section.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Max Manning, & Inaki Gil Arbulu

Edited: Phillip Long


Hugo Svare | Welcome To AO

Hugo is one of the most unique members of the AO team. He is truly talented at almost anything he does whether it be Kendama to cable boarding to just being an all-around Danish bad ass. He rocks wicked music too!
One time Hugo and I mixed Drum and Bass all day and he was wicked on the decks as well! Hugo Svare is a complete individual going anywhere he goes with a positive attitude and the will to ride! AO welcomes Hugo Svare to the team.

Filmed & Edited By: Max Manning

AO Australia Street Edit

Mitch Baldry, Brenton Taylor, Regan Thompson, Reece Jones and Dom Impiombato are hitting the streets of Melbourne, Australia.

Filmed/Edited by Thomas Dalbis

Epsilon Turquoise

Key innovation of the Epsilon deck is a replaceable, super tough grind plate which protects your deck and makes it last many times longer than traditional scooters. The inexpensive grind plate can easily be replaced when worn and it comes in different colors so you can give your deck a completely fresh look. The best part however is its amazing grinding abilities: It allows you to effortlessly grind anything from unwaxed curbs to concrete and stone ledges and it even gives you more control on metal rails. Also helpful for grinding is the completely flat bottom and a hardcore concave top that literally grabs your feet.
New are also front and rear plugs which prevent the edges of the deck from bending and the angled front plug allows you to do nose blunts on pretty much any surface.

Zig Short: Scoot Scoot BANG BANG

Brooklyn's finest Zig Short drops Scoot Scoot BANG BANG for the 2012-2013 holiday season. With his new style since signing to AO Scooters in 2011, Zig shows off a his new found technical side along with the epic gaps and drops he is well known for.

DOP/Editor/Colorist: Max Manning
Additional Camerawork & Graphic Design By Phil Long & Cory Vanlew

Tobias Mayer | Welcome To AO

Toby was one of the biggest surprises on our trips to Europe this year. We were blown away by his riding skills and style and instantly booked him a ticket to Cali. Check out some of the leftovers from his upcoming section in the AO DVD.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning
Edited: Phillip Long

AO Scooters Jerry Walther | Welcome to AO

With one of the most unique styles we've ever seen, Jerry makes a great addition to the team. Being out in Cali filming for the upcoming AO DVD we got some amazing clips and had a great time. He definitely made his trip worth while. Jerry is an all in one package, great personality, great riding and style and very involved in the industry -- a true asset for our sport. Enjoy some of his footage from his last trip.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning
Edited: Phillip Long

Welcome to AO | Dom Olorenshaw

With Dom's 1st trip to Cali, we were able to bust out some pretty amazing clips. With his style of riding and being able to adapt to both street and park he makes a great addition to the AO family. Take a moment a peep only some of the clips he was able to stack while he was out here in Cali.

Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Tip & Tricks:

The groove in the center of the Epsilon grind plate doesn’t look like much but it really helps in Fastslides and Feebles. Instead of using the side of the wheels to lock in grinds you can now sit and balance on the groove.

Epsilon Red

Joe Flowers & Elliott Arnold explaining AO's new Epsilon deck in red. The Red Epsilon carrys several new features and definitely packs one heck of a punch compared to previous products. Giving you the low down we got midwest champ himself Joe Flowers and Clairmont California's Elliott Arnold.

Tune By: FTK - Games & Lames

Filmed & Edited By Max Manning

New on AO: Elliott Arnold

Elliott Arnold's welcome edit to the ELYTS Pro team. Local to San Diego and has an appetite for destruction. This kid will shred anything and is always having a good time while doing so. I see Elli going far in this industry. Not only is this guy 19 but hes seriously only been riding for a few years. I think it goes without saying that he has a ton of room for growth, meaning this monsters only gonna get bigger!

Welcome to AO: Georg Gartlehner

I don't know where to start with George, maybe with the fact that he is probably one of the most dedicated riders i have ever met. While he was out in California filming for the upcoming Alpha Omega Team DVD, he treated every day here like it was his last. Throwing hammer after hammer he is nothing short of amazing. He is deffinitly one of the best street riders out there. So sit back put your legs up and get ready to get your mind blow away.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Kernmayer
Edited: Phillip Long

Remi Bouchard | Welcome to AO

AO Scooters proudly presents: Remi Bouchard is holding it down for AO in France. He can spin his deck faster than helicopter blades which must give him the uplift needed to do a quadruple whip on flat ground. Check it out.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning

AO in Barcelona

Jonas Kjaer (Denmark), Marko Szabo (Austria), Ruben Rodriguez (Spain) and Jerry Walther (Switzerland) recently spent a week in Barcelona to film a release edits for the new Elyts Nubuck and Action shoes. Everybody busted out tricks and had a great time exploring Barcelona's amazing skate spots.
Filmed by: Daniel Thomz, Luke Painter and Iñaki Gil.
Edited by: Iñaki Gil

Welcome to AO: Ryan Scott

With Ryan out in California for a month filming for the AO DVD, we were able to throw together a quick welcome to the team edit to show you guys the great spirit and dedication Ryan brings to the table. First thing I noticed filming with this dude was his love for gaps which gave him the name mini Zig. But check out his riding and see for yourself.

Official release: AO Epsilon Deck

Available in a few days: AO Epsilon

AO scooters are the first decks specifically designed for street. Key innovation of the deck is a removable grind and nose blunt plate which is made of a super tough plastic material which not only protects your deck but enables you to effortlessly grind anything: unwaxed curbs, concrete and stone ledges, wood and it even gives you more control on metal rails. 
The grind plates open a whole new dimension in scootering and you don’t depend on someone to drive you to a skate park: Now you can ride your scooter on curbs, ledges and rails right in front of your door steps – anytime, anywhere.
The AO Epsilon deck is made of re-heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum in one of the world’s leading BMX factories. The slightly concave deck is 4 ½” wide (115 mm) and features a completely flat bottom to maximize the grinding area. It comes in 3 lengths (19 ½”, 20 ½” and 21 ¼”) and weighs 3.8 lbs (1.6 kg). It comes with stainless steel flex brake (rounded so your wheels won't get flat), 8 mm high tensile Chromoly axle bolts (12.9 grade) and a grind plate made of super tough Nylon material.

Welcome to AO: Mitch Baldry, Melbourne

Throughout the last year Mitch Baldry has taken his riding and career to another level. With his recent success on the Nitro Circus tour as well as his full length section in the Elyts DVD, Mitch has made it to the center stage.
This section is just a small collection of the clips Mitch snagged in his last visit to California. Quite something when you relize just what this boy is capable of in just a few short days. Watch out for his full section in the AO team video.

Welcome to AO: Joe Flowers

AO welcomes the latest addition to our team: Joe Flowers surprised everyone with signature tricks such as half cab flairs and he destroyed everything from ledges, gaps and park. While filming for the his section in the AO video he still had plenty clips left for this welcome to the team edit.

AO at Epic Contest

Mitch Baldry, Zig Short and Cory Vanlew attended the Epic scooter contest in Rocklin, CA

Rumble in da Jungle 2

George Gartlehner, Tobias Mayer, Alex Freller and Florian Toegel holding it down in Linz, Austria

AO in Barcelona

Sneak preview from a film production in Barcelona for the new AO Epsilon deck

Featured Rider: Zack Martin

Zack Martin hitting the streets in San Marcos, CA.

Sam Dybeck
Bailey Martin
Riley Ebel
Edited: Myself(Zack Martin)

Coming soon: AO Epsilon

After almost 2 years of product development and rigorous testing, the AO Epsilon deck is finally in production. To accomplish our goal of making the strongest and most street oriented scooter we are only using the best and strongest materials and components and have it made at one of the world’s leading BMX factories.

Manufactured at one of the leading bike factories

Each Epsilon deck is hand made by experienced welders, adjusted and re-heated to regain it's original strength.

Re-heat Treatment

Aluminum loses about 80 % of its strength after welding. To re-gain it's strenght it has to be re-heated in an oil bath of several 1000 degrees so that the molecules can re-align themseves.
Next the Epsilon deck is being re-heated in a T6 tempering process and dropped in a cold bath to obtain its final hardness.

18.0 Hardness on Webster Scale

Each Epsilon deck is undergoing our stringent quality control process and has to meet at least hardness 18.0 on the Webster scale.

AO on Tour in Australia

Watch Mitch Baldry, Zig Short and Cory Vanlew on tour in Australia. They visited Melbourne and Sydney before hitting "Jamo Jam 4" in Penrith, NSW.

Introducing from AO UK: Ryan Scott & Dom Olorenshaw

Filmed/Edited; Phillip Long

With Dom and Ryan from  the UK in town we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas to film for the upcoming AO DVD as well as some new online profiles.

Featured riders: Georg Gartlehner & Tobias Mayer

Georg Gartlehner & Tobias Mayer filmed a short edit in Linz, Austria in September 2012 . Sponsors: AO Scooters, Elyts Shoes and Scooter-Kickboard.de

AO Rider on Hypebeast


AO Conference Sep 28-30

Mark your calendar for Sep 28-30, 2012. This will be the date of AO's international conference for the launch of the new Epsilon deck at AO headquarters. Pro riders and company representatives from all over the world will be in attendance. We will be also visiting local skate shops and parks -- stay tuned for times and locations.

Amazing edit: Mitch Baldry

InfinityList The Cinematic Sports Experience takes it latest foray into originally created cinematic sports content with pro scooter rider Mitch Baldry.
With our professional production and editing team we used our innovative shooting style to capture the core aesthetic and beauty of the sport which has recently gained a stronger following.

This is Mitch's first video since performing on tour with the Australian edition of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus where he landed a nearly impossible scooter double back-flip.
Filmed over a 2 day period at Knox Skate Park in Knoxfield Melbourne Victoria, Australia the advanced park features a 2.7m deep bowl, and a gigantic 2.5m hemisphere cup.

Trick list:
0:15 360 Buttercup
0:18 720
0:25 Flair Tailwhip
0:30 Hang 5
0:40 Frontflip no hander
0:57 Backflip no hander to fakie
1:07 Bri whip
1:25 Quad tailwhip
1:30 Front lipslide
1:33 Superman
1:50 Backflip 180
1:56 Nose Manual
2:00 Heelwhip rewind double whip

Scootfest England

Congratulations to the winners of the Scootfest in England

1. Boris Germain (Elyts, MX)
2. Hugo Svare (Elyts, AO)
3. Luke Painter (Elyts, Dogg)
4. Toby Mayer (Elyts, AO)
4. Georg Gartlehner (Elyts, AO)

AO Tour Czech Republic

After picking up Cory and Zig at the Prague Intl Airport we drove to Pardubice to meet our new Teamrider Martin Nogol ( AO, Elyts, 841, Raptor, Titen ) and his guys at a small concrete street plaza. The heat was on and the guys had a fast warm up on curbs and rails.
Around 6 pm we drive to a huge skatepark in Pardubice and the guys went crazy. Zig was doing a 3x3m, double-whip gap down a bank , Cory was grinding a super nice 5m ledge and Martin killed the flybox with a quad flip and the half pipe with big airs.
At 8pm we went to another skatepark in Hradec Kralove and had a chill out session but the guys still killin it:
Martin transfered some ramps and Zig grinded a looong rounded kink rail.

Worlds first quad whip flat

Remi Bouchard from France filmed this quad whip flat during his trip to California while filming for the AO video.

Tobias Mayer: Worlds first on flat rail

Check out Tobias trick on a flat rail.

Welcome to California: Tobias Mayer (A), Jerry Walther (CH), Remi Bouchard (F)

Tobias Mayer (Austria), Jerry Walther (Switzerland) and Remi Bouchard (France) are currently in town to film for the upcoming AO video. We were totally blown away from the level of riding in Europe. This video is gonna be good!!!

Aug 16 AO on Tour in Prague: Czech Republic

Meet Zig Short and Cory Vanlew at Gizmania scooter shop in Prague.

Sep 16, 14:00: Everybody will meet at the Gizmania Scootpark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f6CG1u0gSA&feature=player_embedded.
15:00: We'll move to the Mystic Park which is within the walking distance from the shop.

Aug 15 AO on Tour in Pardubice and Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Meet Zig Short and Cory Vanlew on Aug 15 in Pardubice and Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

Here's the plan:
Everybody meets at the plaza in Pardubice at 17:00.
At 18:00 we'll go to the park and ride there for 1 hour.
At 20:00 we will drive to Hradec Kralove to skate the park until close.

Tour host: Martin Nogol, Scootshop.cz

Mitch Baldry putting his AO deck to the test at Nitro Circus

Mitch Baldry going huge on his AO deck -- inlcuding a triple flip attempt.

‎Jonas Kjær | Welcome to AO

"Talk about a young buck on the come up. After filming with this kid for the first week in Cali, I knew Jonas had a very bright future in the sport. With always having a good attitude no matter what, his drive to wanna ride is what made him stand out the most. He could wakeup, skate a skatepark all day and still have the energy to ride all night if he wanted to. We are all about finding the best riders for our team and picking up Jonas will for sure be a great pick. Welcome to the team Jonas Kjaer."-Phillip Long

AO Tour Stop Denmark

At the last stop in Aalborg, Denmark Cory Vanlew and Zig Short finished off the tour with a bang. Huge turnout at the last demo along with the Scandinavian Scooter Contest. Make sure to peep the deck at the end of the video and watch out for upcoming welcome to the team edits.

AO Paris Tour Stop

Zig Short and Cory Vanlew stopped at White Box Shop during their tour in Paris and sessioning with the locals after. Watch Cory grind one the gnarliest ledges ever.

AO Spain Tour

Zig Short and Cory Vanlew took a 2nd tour to Europe to promote the new AO deck, they spent one day at Madrid and two days at Barcelona which we fully used to film and promote the AO products in every shop and skatepark. Watch the smoothest and longest grind ever done on a scooter.

AO Spain Tour Poster

AO Germany Tour Part 2

With Cory and Zig going through Nuremburg and Leipzig, Germany. They are meeting up with some great locals ang get shown around to spots. Stay tuned for the final part where the dudes go Hamburg, Germany and then the ender for the trip in Denmark at the Scandinavian Scooter Contest.

AO Germany Tour Part 1

With Austria out of the way, Zig and Cory make there way to Germany where in this part they visit Munich and Nurmburg Germany. Zig had a very interesting run in with security at one of the skate spots. Watch the video and find out what happens.
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

AO Austria Tour

Check out this edit of Zig and Cory's first AO tour and experience the full power of the AO deck. Endless and effortless grinding on almost any obstacle you can imagine. While scootering is so far mostly limited to skate parks which are not available everywhere, the AO deck allows you to ride anywhere and anytime.

AO -- A Golden Age Has Begun

AO are the first scooters specifically designed for street riding. The key innovation of the deck is a removable grind plate which is made out of a super tough plastic materials which not only protects your deck but enables you to effortless grind anything: unwaxed curbs, concrete and stone ledges, wood and it even gives you more control on metal rails.
As athletes in other action sports already know there is something about grinding. The soul frame (as we call it) opens a whole new dimension and allows scooter riders to experience this amazing feeling. Grinding is where it's at. Try it out!

AO Tour

Zig and Cory are excited to come!

Cory Vanlew best trick at Seattle Street Jam

Corey Vanlew does Feeble to death drop into bank at the 1st Annual Seattle Street Jam.

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