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Tristan Anderman Pro Deck

Tristan Anderman pushes the boundaries of park scootering. His speed, flow, insane trick selection make for a deadly combination. The Tristan Anderman signature deck is based on the indestructible Q3 ...

Quadrum 3 Deck

AO’s long awaited successor of our popular Quadrum deck is in. The Q3 is 5.2” wide and comes with a redesigned neck/headtube for increased strength and durability, aluminum rear plugs and ...

Quadrum 2 Complete

At 7.4 lbs the Quadrum 2 complete is one of the lightest scooters and features some of the finest components in the industry: It comes with AO’s stylish and light weight Diamond fork, Raptor&rsq ...


Welcome to AO: Georg Gartlehner

I don't know where to start with George, maybe with the fact that he is probably one of the most dedicated riders i have ever met. While he was out in California filming for the upcoming Alpha Omega Team DVD, he treated every day here like it was his last. Throwing hammer after hammer he is nothing short of amazing. He is deffinitly one of the best street riders out there. So sit back put your legs up and get ready to get your mind blow away.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Kernmayer
Edited: Phillip Long

Remi Bouchard | Welcome to AO

AO Scooters proudly presents: Remi Bouchard is holding it down for AO in France. He can spin his deck faster than helicopter blades which must give him the uplift needed to do a quadruple whip on flat ground. Check it out.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning

AO in Barcelona

Jonas Kjaer (Denmark), Marko Szabo (Austria), Ruben Rodriguez (Spain) and Jerry Walther (Switzerland) recently spent a week in Barcelona to film a release edits for the new Elyts Nubuck and Action shoes. Everybody busted out tricks and had a great time exploring Barcelona's amazing skate spots.
Filmed by: Daniel Thomz, Luke Painter and Iñaki Gil.
Edited by: Iñaki Gil

Welcome to AO: Ryan Scott

With Ryan out in California for a month filming for the AO DVD, we were able to throw together a quick welcome to the team edit to show you guys the great spirit and dedication Ryan brings to the table. First thing I noticed filming with this dude was his love for gaps which gave him the name mini Zig. But check out his riding and see for yourself.

Official release: AO Epsilon Deck

Available in a few days: AO Epsilon

AO scooters are the first decks specifically designed for street. Key innovation of the deck is a removable grind and nose blunt plate which is made of a super tough plastic material which not only protects your deck but enables you to effortlessly grind anything: unwaxed curbs, concrete and stone ledges, wood and it even gives you more control on metal rails. 
The grind plates open a whole new dimension in scootering and you don’t depend on someone to drive you to a skate park: Now you can ride your scooter on curbs, ledges and rails right in front of your door steps – anytime, anywhere.
The AO Epsilon deck is made of re-heat treated 6061 T6 aluminum in one of the world’s leading BMX factories. The slightly concave deck is 4 ½” wide (115 mm) and features a completely flat bottom to maximize the grinding area. It comes in 3 lengths (19 ½”, 20 ½” and 21 ¼”) and weighs 3.8 lbs (1.6 kg). It comes with stainless steel flex brake (rounded so your wheels won't get flat), 8 mm high tensile Chromoly axle bolts (12.9 grade) and a grind plate made of super tough Nylon material.

Welcome to AO: Mitch Baldry, Melbourne

Throughout the last year Mitch Baldry has taken his riding and career to another level. With his recent success on the Nitro Circus tour as well as his full length section in the Elyts DVD, Mitch has made it to the center stage.
This section is just a small collection of the clips Mitch snagged in his last visit to California. Quite something when you relize just what this boy is capable of in just a few short days. Watch out for his full section in the AO team video.

Welcome to AO: Joe Flowers

AO welcomes the latest addition to our team: Joe Flowers surprised everyone with signature tricks such as half cab flairs and he destroyed everything from ledges, gaps and park. While filming for the his section in the AO video he still had plenty clips left for this welcome to the team edit.

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